E-Mail and calling campaigns

E-Mail and calling campaigns

Grow your list and deliver valuable content with a custom email campaign. We help you deploy email marketing solutions, to meet your business requirements ensuring multifold conversion rate. Get ready to experience the difference in conversion from a world class email service provider.

When you rely on other marketing platforms to reach your customers, you play by their rules. Email gives you direct communication with your customers and frees you of the dependency on other marketing channels for your success. The best way to control your destiny for your business is to build and grow your email marketing efforts.

Managing email marketing campaigns have been the #1 way we’ve helped clients grow over the years. We’ve tested subject lines and built campaigns for companies of all different shapes and sizes. Needless to say we have some experience with email marketing and can share exactly how to grow your list and increase revenues through email marketing campaigns.

There are many advanced things about email marketing that you can get hung up on but we’re going to share a few of our beliefs. Here’s what we know to be true about our email marketing campaign services.

The list is key. The best way to be an effective email marketer is to build and grow your email list.

Consistently deliver valuable content. People don’t subscribe to a list because they want more email. They subscribe because they believe you’ll deliver them something valuable.

Subject line. After millions of email sends, we’ve learned the most important part of any email campaign is the subject line.

Good copy increases clicks. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sending HTML email campaigns or plain text. The copy is what convinces a subscriber to click.

Profit is what matters. There are email marketing campaign services who will get you really high open and click through rates. If you’re not making money from your email campaigns, it’s time to pause your sends and rethink the strategy.

We provide the following services:

  • Grow Your Email List
  • Create and Customize Email Newsletters
  • Send Your Campaign and Ensure Delivery
  • Track Campaigns and Monitor Reports
  • Set Up Email Automation Campaigns
  • Report on the results on a monthly or a per campaign basis