Sony Pictures

Case Studies

We deploy leading-edge research and analytics

Our expertise in search engine optimization and social media channels is one of the best in the industry

Sony Picture Network, then Sony MSM, had multiple television channels that are broadcasted across the world. Each channel has their own shows, schedules, videos, etc.

The Challenge

Previous websites were built ad hoc and had a single database, hence single point of failure

Performance bottlenecks, multiple WordPress installations, no separation between backend, etc.

The Solution

Developed a WordPress multi-site architecture where all sites were merged into a single stack

Multiple databases, along with caching and query optimization, to avoid performance bottlenecks

Single installation of WordPress reducing maintenance efforts

Apache/Solr search for advanced search integrated with WordPress taxonomy

Feature Points for this Project

Improved performance, advanced search & tremendous ease of administration & maintenance

Our Main Service Offerings

Integrated Digital Marketing

GreenPoint’s approach to integrated marketing entails creating a unified and seamless experience for target client bases.

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Branding and Website Design

Our branding strategies incorporate the establishment of fast and meaningful foot print with long-term traction.

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Customer Acquisition, Retention and Tracking

We use a variety of time-tested techniques to assist our clients in customer acquisition and retention.

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