Manhattan Street Capital

Case Studies

We deploy leading-edge research and analytics

Our expertise in search engine optimization and social media channels is one of the best in the industry

Manhattan helps in raising capital, giving start-up, mid-stage, and late-stage companies the opportunity to raise capital from many smaller, individual investors, who become owners of shares in the company. The #1 Growth Capital Marketplace for the Best Mid Sized Companies

The Challenge

Regulation A+ (or “Reg A+”) is a new way to raise capital created by the SEC. These rules allow companies to test their company offering to the investor market under which companies can raise up to $50 million per year, “Main Street” investors. There is no online platform today which raises money like this

The Solution

GreenPoint developed this Reg A+ based platform using WordPress and WordPress commerce, where it is easier for Main Street investors to invest in companies they seem fit and raise up to $50 million per year from individual.

Feature Points for this Project

With Reg A+ and Manhattan Street Capital’s platform, start-ups and mid sized companies will have access to millions of small investors and can thus raise funds easily.

An important part of Manhattan Street Capital is the open exchange of advice, suggestions and feedback from our investor community to our offering companies.

Our Main Service Offerings

Integrated Digital Marketing

GreenPoint’s approach to integrated marketing entails creating a unified and seamless experience for target client bases.

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Branding and Website Design

Our branding strategies incorporate the establishment of fast and meaningful foot print with long-term traction.

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Customer Acquisition, Retention and Tracking

We use a variety of time-tested techniques to assist our clients in customer acquisition and retention.

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